Jagan's best friend among YCP's MLAs..!?

- srikanth reddy is Jagan's love to death.

- srikanth was the first friend who resigned for a friend.

- It is a bit of a gap that Jagan was not given the post of minister even though he was CM.

AP cm jagan mohan reddy gives great importance to friendship. jagan trusts someone and continues his friendship with them for a long time. He will continue to do his part for their growth. Not to mention the level of bonding with Jagan's closest friends. Rayachoti mla srikanth reddy is one of Jagan's best friends. Srikanth Reddy's family and YS's family have been friends since time immemorial. In 2009, jagan played a key role in srikanth reddy getting the Rayachoti seat. jagan himself recommended and gave the Rayachoti seat to srikanth Reddy. srikanth reddy won from the congress and entered the assembly as an mla for the first time.

Later, after the death of Jagan's father in Delhi, he said to srikanth reddy that the moment he came out with sonia gandhi, he would not get justice. The time has come to come out. Immediately Srikanth Reddy said, My journey is with you. I will do whatever you say. He immediately resigned from his mla post along with Jagan. He contested from ycp in the 2012 by-elections and won as mla for the second time. srikanth won for the third time in 2014. srikanth reddy won from ycp for the fourth time in 2019. srikanth reddy had high hopes that after the ycp government was formed and his best friend jagan became the chief minister, he would definitely be given a ministerial post.

The first three years did not last. Srikanth Reddy's hopes were not fulfilled if he thought that he would get the post of minister later. From there, it is said that there was a gap between srikanth reddy and Jagan. This time in the case of the ticket, there was also a campaign that an official from the reddy community, who is a key official in the government department, will contest in Rayachoti. But jagan finally gave the seat to his best friend Srikanth Reddy. srikanth reddy and jagan are indeed best friends. However, the ycp factions internally want to hear that there is a small gap between the two compared to the past friendship.

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