Sensational...! This is the big Excitement in ap Politics..!!

-Welfare to the people without looking at caste and religion.

- TDP says that there is no development in the state.

- people who form alliances in politics will think twice.

The assembly and parliament elections being held in ap have become a hot topic in the neighboring states as well. The party has increased its aggression based on the welfare schemes introduced by ycp and the funds provided to the people. They also hope that these will win them in the elections. At the same time, they are also claiming that they have provided welfare to the people without looking at caste, religion, and parties.

On the other hand, the main opposition TDP says that there is no development in the state. amaravati has been destroyed. Investments have been prevented from coming to the state, and because of this, the state has gone backward for 30 years. This is also being promoted. At the same time, it says that they will also give the welfare schemes done by Jagan. Chandrababu explains that he will give more than that even with statistics. They are promoting the campaign in the name of Super Six. Also, the matter of making alliances is known. BJP-Janasena-TDP is facing the elections as an alliance. Along with this, NRIs were also brought and tickets were given to them. In the background of these results, all eyes fell on AP. Who will win? Who will stand? It has become interesting to see who will show what effect.

It is said that if this party succeeds in the background of YSP fighting alone, then people who form alliances in politics will think twice. Moreover, if the alliance is defeated, observers are predicting that after the elections, there will not be a situation where three parties will stand. If the alliance wins, it is also being calculated that the ycp will split. No matter how you look at it. It is noteworthy that there is widespread interest in the issue of the elections taking place in AP.

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