Ajit Pawar group leader Chhagan Bhujbal's announcement?

Ajit Pawar's ncp leader Chhagan Bhujbal has withdrawn his candidature from the Nashik seat. There was a dispute going on between ncp and Eknath Shinde's shiv sena on this seat. Both are claiming this seat. In such a situation, Mahayuti is now looking for a new candidate. However, Bhujbal has made it clear that he will support whoever is made the candidate from Mahayuti. He has also appealed that Mahayuti should field its candidate soon because a delay will affect the prospects of the alliance. Shiv Sena's hemant Godse is the mp on the Nashik sheet. He is pushing for his candidature in this seat. Due to nothing being decided regarding seat sharing, Bhujbal has announced to withdraw from his candidature.

Hemant Godse welcomed the decision

According to the report of ABP Majha, after the announcement of Bhujbal, mp hemant Godse has given his reaction. He said, "The candidate of the Grand Alliance has not been decided yet. I am a sitting mp from Nashik lok sabha constituency. I have done a lot of work in this field in the last ten years. Bhujbal has taken the right decision at the right time because time is short.

Godse further said that an announcement regarding the Nashik lok sabha constituency seat will be made today or tomorrow. This seat will remain with shiv sena only. hemant Godse has expressed confidence that all the partners of the Grand Alliance will work together.

Bhujbal said this while withdrawing from candidature

Bhujbal said, “Mahavikas Aghadi candidates have been roaming in Nashik lok sabha constituency for the last three weeks. His campaign has also moved forward. The more time it takes to decide on the Nashik seat, the more the difficulties will increase. To clear up the confusion that has arisen, I organized a press conference today. I have withdrawn from this election. I have started campaigning in the entire state. Chhagan Bhujbal announced that he will now try to increase the strength of Mahayuti.

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