The nexus between the film industry and politics has indeed been long-standing, with numerous personalities transitioning from the silver screen to the political arena and achieving significant success. Figures like NTR, MGR, Jayalalitha, and karunanidhi are prime examples of this trend. Even today, many celebrities are actively involved in politics. 

However, in the current scenario, no one from the film industry seems to be able to secure the seat of Chief Minister. Instead, MPs and MLAs are serving as cabinet ministers. In Andhra Pradesh, both the mega family and the Nandamuri family have been active in politics for several years. Balayya, the son of the senior NTR, has won twice as an MLA, and he is now contesting from Hindupuram, aiming for a hat-trick victory. 

Additionally, Chiranjeevi's younger brother, Pawan Kalyan, is very determined to enter the assembly this time. It is a crucial time to draw attention from the film industry towards Andhra Pradesh. However, tollywood has been notably silent on politics recently. Despite many celebrities in the telugu film industry hailing from the Andhra region and owning properties there, no one has campaigned in support of any party. 

Even during the elections in telangana a few months ago, no one from the telugu film industry was involved in campaigning. Everything has remained silent, and the reasons for this silence are not entirely clear. Recently, a tollywood star producer made some statements to the media shedding some light on the situation.

He mentioned that politics is not considered important for the film industry. While there is nothing wrong with individuals declaring their political preferences, tollywood communities have decided not to support anyone. Looking at the politics in Andhra, it's unclear who will come to power, and it's predicted that whoever does will win with fewer seats.

 With such tight competition, there's a debate in tollywood about the potential repercussions of celebrities getting involved in political campaigns. It's being considered that if someone from the film industry starts campaigning and the opposing party wins, they may face significant challenges afterwards. It appears that the jabardasth batch is in a whirlwind just because pawan kalyan is a movieman.

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