Top economist prediction-With how many seats will bjp win?  

Renowned economist and political commentator Surjit Bhalla believes the incumbent bharatiya janata party could do better in the current 2024 lok sabha election than it did in the 2019 polls. Surjit Bhalla, whose new book "How We Vote" explores the psyche of voters, said in an NDTV interview that prime minister Narendra Modi's party may end up winning between 330 and 350 seats in the current general elections. The nda secured 353 seats in the 2019 lok sabha elections, with the bjp winning 303 of them. Only 52 seats were won by the Congress.

They should be able to secure 330 to 350 seats on their own, according to statistics. Surjit Bhalla was quoted by NDTV as saying, "This is just the bjp, not including its alliance partners." He further stated that, in comparison to the 2019 lok sabha elections, the bjp would probably gain five to seven percent more seats. An election wave might occur. Every election has the capacity to become a trend. But the chief economist added, "It might not be a wave election as well.

How many seats is the opposition going to get?

Surjit Bhalla predicts that the congress would win 44 seats, or 2% fewer than it did in the 2014 elections. "The leadership is the issue with the (Opposition) alliance. The economy is most important, followed by leadership. Additionally, they both support the BJP. I think it could be a race if the Opposition had chosen a leader who could appeal to a large audience or roughly half as many people as prime minister Modi does, Surjit Bhalla told the tv station.

BJP's surge in the south

In tamil Nadu, where the bjp has historically been a weak party, Surjit Bhalla also forecast that the party may win at least five seats. "I won't be shocked if the bjp picks up more than five seats in tamil Nadu, out of all the areas. Perhaps one or two in Kerala," he remarked.

PM Modi: "BJP's vote share in the south will increase."

The interview with Surjit Bhalla coincides with prime minister Narendra Modi's declaration of confidence that, in contrast to earlier surveys, the bjp would receive a larger share of the vote in the south in the 2024 lok sabha elections.

"You see Telangana, where our vote share has doubled," Modi stated in an interview with Asianet news Network. The bjp became the only party to win the most seats in the South in the 2019 parliamentary elections. With the most MPs, the bjp leads the pack. In my opinion, the vote share in the lok sabha elections of 2024 will rise in comparison to the previous elections. Additionally, there will be more seats.

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