As the election approaches in andhra pradesh, political leaders are gaining attention. Purandeshwari, now contesting as the rajahmundry mp, hopes that if she wins, she will also become a Union Minister. She expressed concern that if the ycp party wins, the state will be left like a headless body. Essentially, Purandeshwari is asserting that the state needs capital, implying that Chandrababu should come to power both in the state and in the Modi-led central government.

However, there are many doubts among the people, particularly when Purandeshwari mentioned that when andhra pradesh was formed, both Chandrababu and Modi were in power. people are questioning what she did for the state during those five years. They are asking what Chandrababu accomplished in the first five years, especially considering the alleged betrayal by Modi. 

Many are questioning Purandeshwari; everyone is asserting that amaravati is the capital of Andhra Pradesh. When Modi was called to lay the foundation stone of amaravati, people said that he merely brought water and soil and left. Purandeshwari alleged that if the YSRCP won with 151 seats, the roofs of houses would have been blown off. However, when they claim they are headless without capital, people are accusing the bjp party of making a mistake by not granting them special status. 

They are asking why Modi, who swore at the feet of tirupati Venkanna as a witness that special status would be given for 10 years, failed to deliver. Considering Purandeshwari's criticism, voters are now strongly countering, questioning what the bjp has done for them. If voters target Purandeshwari, it will be difficult for her to win the mp seat.

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