Oppn Leaders Unite…, Highlight kejriwal And Soren's Arrests…

I.N.D.I.A bloc organized a mega rally in Ranchi, jharkhand on Sunday. Key leaders from the opposition bloc attended the gathering, named, the ‘Ulgula (uprising) Nyay’ rally. The event was also attended by Sunita kejriwal, wife of jailed delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The rally aimed to highlight the recent arrests of arvind kejriwal, and former jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Addressing I.N.D.I.At a bloc's Ulgulan Nyay rally in Ranchi, JMM leader and wife of ex-Jharkhand cm Hemant Soren Kalpana Soren accused the Modi government of adopting a "step-motherly attitude" towards states where there is a non-BJP government, news At agency At PTI At reported At. She conveyed a message from her husband Hemant Soren, who is currently incarcerated, stating, "Non-BJP states are being troubled. We have not begged for this country. Countless sacrifices have been made to attain this nation."

She further lamented, "The people of this country have been shown big dreams with great cunningness, and dust has been thrown into the eyes of the people. The youth, women, and tribals of this country have been deceived. The opposition's voice is being crushed. Today, the democracy of this country is in danger. When we demand our rights, we are thrown into jail."

Jharkhand cm Champai Soren, meanwhile, claimed, “The bjp wants to erase the history, existence and pride of Jharkhand. In these elections, you have to choose an mp who speaks about the state's issues in the Parliament. However, when BJP’s MPs go to delhi, they do not say a single word on saving Buran Rights Act.”

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