Currently, the period of challenges has started in ap politics. The main party leaders are increasing their words during the election campaign. However, those who are the star campaigners on behalf of janasena are also throwing challenges. Even though there are twenty days left for the elections, the politics in the state are already in good shape/ While campaigning on behalf of prithvi Raj janasena, he made many comments and challenges on the YSP candidate. Especially the Kapu movement leader mudragada made criticisms centered on Padmanabham.

Mudragada started as the leader of Kapu Udyam and now he has become the leader of reddy Udyam and Reddy's servant. mudragada was sitting and chatting in Kirlampudi and demanded that he should tell the electricity dues of his industries and rice mills. He said there is no chance of ycp winning at least three seats in Uttarandhra's Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam and both Godavari districts. He said that if ycp wins three seats, I will throw seeds in his house.

Also, prithvi strongly said that there is no one who cares about mudragada and believes. He said that many members of the mega family, including chiranjeevi and Ramcharan, are coming soon to campaign in support of the alliance. prithvi also criticized cm Jagan. But it remains to be seen how the ycp leaders will react to this. The ycp leaders are sure to give a strong counter to prithvi Jagan's criticisms, and the ycp leaders are saying that they are ready to clean the bowls as he has said that it is certain that the ycp will win in Uttarandra.

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