Did Vijay violate election rules? Thalapathy Methi complains about the commotion in the chennai Commissioner's office

A complaint was filed against actor Vijay at the chennai Commissioner's office for violating election rules when he came to vote. Polling for the lok sabha elections in tamil Nadu was held on april 19. Like the general public, film celebrities also came and voted with enthusiasm. Actors ajith, Rajinikanth, Sivakarthikeyan and dhanush were the first to cast their votes in the morning. Will actor Vijay come to vote as he is shooting in Russia? There was excitement that Matara would not. But because democratic duty is important to him, Thalapathy Vijay took an overnight flight from russia and came to chennai after a 12-hour journey to cast his vote. During the last assembly elections, Vijay came to vote on a bicycle and it was talked about very much, but this time, instead of that, Vijay went by car and cast his vote.

When Vijay came to cast his vote, there was a huge crowd as fans gathered to see him at the polling station. As a result, actor Vijay, who was caught in the crowd, was safely taken away by the police and helped to cast his vote. It was the talk of the town in kollywood that the crowds that did not come to actors like Rajini and ajith came to see Vijay. Apart from this, a complaint has also been filed against Vijay in the commissioner's office. In a complaint filed by a social activist from chennai, when actor Vijay came to vote, he brought more than 200 fans with him, and because he brought 200 people to vote, the public who came there faced severe hardship. mentioned in the petition. It remains to be seen whether the police will take action on this complaint.

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