Chandrababu is campaigning with the aim of winning the general elections.. It seems that Chandrababu has also given B-Form to many leaders recently. Chandrababu gave various directions to the candidates by giving B-form and taking his super six schemes to the people and what will happen if his government comes. However, it seems that B-form has been given to leaders in various constituencies in Anantapur district. Let's see who gave it to whom

It seems that Chandrababu has handed over B-form to the candidates of the parliamentary assembly constituencies contesting the general elections at his residence in undavalli yesterday, suggesting that all the candidates who have given B-form should return with success. Chandrababu promised them that everyone should work for the success of TDP. As far as those who have received B-form are concerned, within the Anantapur parliamentary constituency.. ambika Lakshminarayana mp candidate.. Amilineni Surendrababu (Kalyan Durgam), Bandaru Shravani (Singanamala), Hindupur mp BK Parthasarathy, Daggubati Prasad (Anantapur Urban), Mms Raju (Madakasira), balakrishna (Hindupuram Assembly), Sindhura reddy (Puttaparthi)..

It seems that there are other leaders along with them. Babu advised the candidates to stay with the people for these 20 days. He informed that the people should hear about the destruction of the regime, especially the anarchy committed by the ycp during the five-year rule. Informing that the nda alliance will come to power, Chandrababu also suggested to the leaders that everyone should work hard. However, there are already many differences between the tdp leaders due to the change of seats as part of the alliance. But Chandrababu is doing his work without considering all these.

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