Telugu Desam, janasena and bjp are going to contest as part of the alliance in the upcoming elections in andhra pradesh state. And after these three parties announced that they are going to contest as part of the alliance, huge expectations were formed among the people about this alliance. ycp is one party on one side... As these three parties are on one side, many people thought that this time the alliance is definitely raising the flag of victory in Andhra Pradesh.

This went on for some time. Ever since the distribution of tickets has started, strange situations have been happening in the alliance. In terms of distribution of seats, instead of a person who has worked for a long time in some parties, the tickets of that area went to other people, so the party leaders joined other parties, otherwise they threatened to contest like rebels. Many situations have happened in these days like people going to the next party and getting tickets.

A few days ago, the festival of nominations also started. Even now, the situation in the alliance is the same, there is still no clarity regarding the Vanaparthi seat. They are confused about this. In another two days, there will be clarity on who will get this seat. Otherwise, discord is raging in the joint kurnool district. In nandyala, Nandikotkur, Emmiganoor, Mantralayam, Adoni and Kodumuru, the differences between the candidates of the alliance continue.

While tdp leader BV Jayanageswar reddy has already nominated as the candidate of the Mmiganoor alliance, Murahari reddy on behalf of bjp has also nominated as a rebel without paying attention to the party's orders. The same is the case in nandyala TDP. Not sitting mla Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy.. tdp gave ticket to Farooq. With that... Brahmananda reddy is expected to contest as an independent. Similar conditions exist in the remaining four places in the joint kurnool district. Due to the lack of clarity regarding the distribution of seats, strange situations are already seen in the alliance.

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