It is known that janasena leaders are expressing their displeasure with Pawan Kalyan's behavior for doing injustice to those who have worked hard for Janasena. Recently janasena leaders from visakha are angry with Pawan. If we go into the details.. Vamsikrishna srinivas could not become an mla even though he contested from two parties consecutively with visakha East Constituency as his base. Defeated by a huge margin of thousands. By 2019, if everything is good, he will not get the ticket. A ticket was given to Akramani Vijayanirma, who was new to the place. If jagan had a chance to win in Prabhanjana, he did not get the ticket.

In the 2024 elections, visakha MP MVV Satyanarayana was given visakha East ticket by ycp leadership. vamsi got fed up with that and joined the janasena party. However, since janasena is an alliance of tdp, it is difficult to move sitting mla Velagapudi Ramakrishnababu, so vamsi was shown visakha Dakshina seat. But he is new to that seat. Along with that, all the leaders in the janasena party expressed their great dissatisfaction on Vamsi's arrival and they all joined the YCP.

The key leaders who worked hard for the janasena party in the South are now holding the YSP flag. In this seat where tdp has a strong hold, there is no cooperation of that party. Therefore, the discussion is going on within the alliance on vamsi winning from Visakhapatnam. The janasena leaders were furious with pawan kalyan at the high command asking how they could give a ticket to a leader who had never held the flag when they did not consider vamsi as theirs.

They are getting angry at Pawan for not giving tickets to anyone who has worked hard for the original party. The Jana Sena leaders are expressing their dissatisfaction that they are not being recognized unless they are waving the green flag of Kutami Kutami.

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