Raptadu constituency in Anantapur district is the stronghold of the Paritala family. But Topudurthi reddy -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>prakash reddy exceptionally broke this stronghold in the last election. Topudurthi Prakash reddy, who had previously lost twice to Simpati, won by a margin of 100,000 votes. It is reported that he got success because he asked so humbly. But reports say that his performance has continued for five years to the extent that people have given him a chance to make up for all that he lost.

It is reported that he has a property worth more than 1000 crores. It seems that all the people in his family have also become Kubera. Even though it is an international brand, the jockey company has been sent back after making all the arrangements to bring the industry to Raptadu, threatening not to give commission. It is reported that several hundreds of people have lost their jobs. Prakash reddy, who was once a rapt, has turned into an adda.

But whenever paritala sunitha won, even when tdp was in power, things were going well in her constituency. ycp leaders were also of good quality. But the situation has worsened in the last five years.. Because of this, the YSP leaders are making us afraid that even if the government changes, our situation will not change. There are reports that some people are also joining the tdp party. Also, it seems that people are positive about paritala sunitha this time as the opposition of Sanubhuthi ycp party, which Sunithamma lost in the last election, did not take place. Also, tdp leaders say that alliance with janasena party will also be a plus. Especially Topudurthi Prakash Reddy's dissatisfaction with not being able to build a road in his own village in five years is visible among the people. Judging by this, Sunithamma is likely to win with a majority this time.

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