The heat of andhra pradesh election continues in orange.. ycp party is hoping to take over the power once again but tdp is determined to win this time.. Like this both parties are working together. But by 2014, jagan might be a failure in politics like Chandrababu but by 2019, jagan has created a history in politics. But now by 2024, jagan has worked as cm for five years and is clashing with Chandrababu.

Especially since both of them have worked as CMs, there is no chance to mention the experience anywhere. On the one hand, jagan is asking to vote for the welfare schemes, as we have provided up to 80% of the schemes in ap, so the party is showing confidence that people are on the side of YCP.

Jagan also informed in the preparatory meetings that tdp did not do anything for the welfare of Babu Mark scheme. tdp is telling that they will do more than the welfare done by jagan by saying that tdp is beating their belly by saying that it is only party years industry. But tdp is repeatedly asking where is the development in Andhra. It also seems that the ycp has faced some difficulties. In the last five years, the ycp government has mostly focused on welfare. No focus on development.

There is also a need for ycp to strike a balance on this matter. In particular, the ycp government continues to make some discrimination and criticism that the roads are not proper. But till now Jagan's speeches have been about welfare schemes wherever he has made them. They say that they will continue the same schemes after winning again. But there are reports that the number of people who want development in ap is high. The ycp government has to take this issue very strongly among the people. Especially in Andhra, there are 17 medical colleges, village secretariats, RBKs, schools are doing well and doctors are showing everything.

But it should be said that polavaram will be completed along with the capital of ap, and the steel plant will be done without private funding and ap will be developed industrially. But it is said that YSP is behind in this matter.

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