In andhra pradesh, bjp, tdp and janasena parties are all going to come together as a coalition this time. Chandrababu is moving ahead with side plans especially in his quest to defeat the ruling party YCP. Besides, they are very clear about announcing the candidates. They are moving ahead by changing the candidates even where necessary. Also, they are going around the entire state of andhra pradesh and saying that they will implement the Super Six promises if they come to power. In particular, the failures of the ycp regime are being told to their candidates and are seen to be among the people.

But after the formation of the alliance, many headaches are becoming for Chandrababu. Especially in the case of seats, difficulties are still arising somewhere in the case of candidates. Balakrishna's seat in the hindupuram constituency is still a headache. Especially they are insisting on the seat of Prakrananda Swami there. During the elections in Telangana, Prakranananda Swamy, who joined the bjp, was very confident that he would get the hindupuram ticket as part of the alliance.

However, only two seats were won by TDP. When the mp ticket came to tdp candidate BK Parthasaradhi, he warned Chandrababu that he would be prepared to contest as an independent mla if necessary... But after getting the information that the candidates were being changed, Praverananda Swamy also met Chandrababu recently. But there are many rumors that he will join TDP. But Prakrananda Swamy challenged Chandrababu that if mp ticket should be given to him, he will contest as an independent. However, in hindupuram, there is a high probability of losing votes because of the popularity of Prakranananda Swami. Judging from this, it seems that balayya will definitely clash with the majority there... and we have to see if Chandrababu can talk to the bjp leaders and convince Swami.

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