Congress is furious at PM Modi's statement...

The prime minister made a big allegation against the congress from Banswara in rajasthan on Sunday. Modi said that if congress comes to power at the Centre, it will take people's property and distribute it among Muslims. For this, Modi also cited the statement of former manmohan Singh. Referring to manmohan Singh's statement, Modi said he had reportedly said that the minority community has the 'first right' to the country's resources. The PM said that this is the thinking of urban Naxals, my mothers, and sisters, they will not let even your Mangalsutra escape. Will go to this extent. After this statement, Modi, the politics of the country has once again become heated. congress President mallikarjun Kharge called it hate speech. He said that Modi ji's angry speech today showed that india is winning in the results of the first phase. rajya sabha MP kapil sibal asked Modi what kind of politics and culture is this.

That statement by Modi created an uproar

PM Modi held massive rallies in rajasthan on Sunday. Addressing a public meeting in Banswara, Modi said that this congress manifesto said that they would calculate the gold of mothers and sisters, get information about it, and then distribute that property. And will distribute it to those about whom manmohan Singh's government had said that Muslims have the first right to property. Modi said that earlier when his government was in power, he had said that Muslims have the first right to the country's property. This means to whom will they collect this property and distribute it? Will distribute among those who have more children. Will distribute the infiltrators. Will your hard-earned money be given to infiltrators? Do you agree with this?

PM Modi further said that Modi said, do you accept this? Does the government have the right to seize your property? Does the government have the right to confiscate your property, your hard-earned property? gold in the lives of mothers and sisters is not for show, it is related to their self-respect. Modi said that his Mangalsutra is not an issue of the price of gold, but is related to his dreams in life. You are talking about snatching it in your manifesto? You are saying that you will take the gold and distribute it to everyone.

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