PM Modi will come to madhya pradesh for the 5th time!!!

Prime minister Narendra Modi is visiting madhya pradesh for the fifth time tomorrow wednesday (April 24) after the implementation of the code of conduct. prime minister Modi will visit Harda, Sagar, and Bhopal. The PM will address public meetings in Sagar and Harda while holding a road show in the capital Bhopal. Regarding the arrival of prime minister Narendra Modi, cm Dr. Mohan Yadav held a press conference today and gave information related to the visit.

 CM Mohan Yadav said that tomorrow the prime minister will visit the mp for the fifth time. After this visit, a record will be created for the maximum number of visits by the prime minister to Madhya Pradesh. cm said that prime minister Narendra Modi has given a gift of more than 1.25 lakh crores to MP. Talking about these 100 days, a gift of Rs 35 crore has been given, which includes Parvati, Kalisindh, and Chambal projects. cm said that before 2013, our state used to get only Rs 1.5 crore, but currently Railways spends Rs 1550 crore every year for its arrangements. This record tells what importance PM Modi has for Madhya Pradesh.

The PM will come for the fifth time tomorrow.

CM Yadav said that after the implementation of the code of conduct, prime minister Narendra Modi is coming to madhya pradesh for the fifth time tomorrow. Before this, he was visiting jabalpur on 7th of April, Balaghat on the 9th of April, Narmadpuram on the 14th of April, and Damoh on the 19th of April, whereas tomorrow he is again visiting Bhopal, Sagar, and Harda districts. Public meetings will be organized in Sagar and Harda, while a kilometer-long roadshow will be taken out in the capital Bhopal. cm Yadav said that citizens and various people from different societies will welcome prime minister Narendra Modi through more than 200 platforms.

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