PM Modi is campaigning without speaking...?

CM Mohan Yav said that PM Modi has shown how the bjp is campaigning without speaking. Recently, during the road show, he was carrying a lotus flower in his hand, he also gave a lotus flower in my hand. During this time he did not utter a single word and BJP's campaign continued. Other parties should also learn from this unique experiment of PM Modi how the party is promoted without the pomp and show of the general meeting.

 The road show will be saffron-colored.

CM Mohan Yadav said that prime minister Narendra Modi's roadshow will be completely saffron-colored. congress can say whatever it wants to say, they may have objections to saffron, but saffron will always remain in our minds. There will be a saffron road show. cm has appealed to everyone that whoever has a shop should also welcome and congratulate PM Modi. cm said that we had started a journey in the assembly elections, in which Modi is in the mind of mp, mp is in the mind of Modi. We are carrying the same spirit in the lok sabha elections also.

In response to a question, cm Yadav said that if the prime minister does not come even during the elections, then you will say that he is arrogant. Our prime minister comes humbly and appeals for votes. Whereas congress is continuously losing and is not coming back, congress should feel ashamed. Neither the congress leaders are ready to come here nor are they ready to visit the ram temple. For votes they are saying that ram is not only yours but also ours, so go and visit ram temple in ayodhya also.

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