Who is watching arvind kejriwal through CCTV?

Aam Aadmi party Rajya Sabha mp sanjay singh on tuesday made a big allegation against the bjp central government. He said that you are monitoring the three-time elected chief minister for 24 hours. PMO, PM, and lg are breaking all the rules and regulations and monitoring arvind kejriwal through CCTV.

Sanjay Singh said that I am saying with full responsibility that PM Modi is going to end the elections. Going to abolish the Constitution. surat is a tableau and the country is the rest. The people of the country have to remember that this is the last election of the country. Earlier, sanjay singh posted on the social media site X. In this, he said that tihar jail has become a torture chamber for Arvind Kejriwal. Hitler also built a torture chamber for his opponents.

What else did sanjay singh say?

Will our freedom be taken away from us, freedom of speech, freedom of life?

PM Modi and PMO Arvind watch arvind kejriwal on CCTV 24 hours.

PM Modi, do you see how ill arvind kejriwal became?

Is arvind kejriwal not getting medicine?

Is arvind kejriwal not getting food?

Is arvind kejriwal not getting insulin?

How much damage did Arvind Kejriwal's kidneys get due to him stopping his insulin?

How damaged was his liver?

How much are they suffering without insulin?

After all, what do you see, how much Arvind Kejriwal's morale has fallen, how much arvind kejriwal has bowed down, how much he has broken?

Arvind kejriwal left the IRS job and joined politics, resigned from the post of chief minister after 49 days.

The world's best government is being run in delhi and why are you following them?

If you want to compete with arvind kejriwal, then build schools, and hospitals, provide free electricity and water, and do politics of work, no country in the world has progressed through dictatorship, and no matter how hard you try, arvind kejriwal will neither stop nor bow down.

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