When the elections come, alliances, jumping, sending seats, waves, appeasement and so on are taking place between many parties. Thus the situation in andhra pradesh state also became confused. Since six months, there has been a fight for assembly seats between politicians. Any leader is looking at his political future and jumping into whichever party is best for him. So many leaders jumped from ycp to tdp, from tdp to ycp and also to janasena party and got assembly seats in their respective constituencies. Vasantha krishna Prasad was one of those who jumped like that. It is said that he is sure of winning in Mylavaram.

Vasantha Venkata krishna Prasad was born in Aitavaram village of Nandigama mandal of krishna district in the state. krishna Prasad's father's name is nageswara rao and mother's name is Haimavathi. He entered politics through such Vasantha Congress. In 1999, he contested from Nandigama assembly and lost. After that, he contested again in 2004 and failed again. Although he lost, he was recognized as a good leader. In 2005, he took charge as the Chairman of district Cooperative Central bank KDCC and Vice Chairman of APCAB at the national level.

It can be said that the then tdp candidate Tangirala prabhakar Rao, who joined the telugu desam party in 2014, played a crucial role in the victory. He joined ysr congress party in 2018 and contested from mylavaram in 2019 assembly elections and entered the assembly as an mla for the first time after winning with a majority of 12 thousand votes over his nearest candidate devineni Uma. krishna Prasad left the ycp party and joined the tdp in this 2024 election and secured a ticket.

Umamaheswara Rao and Vasantha krishna Prasad have been political rivals for the last few years in the mylavaram constituency. If these two met, there would definitely be a fight. There would have been a lot of quarrel between the two. At the same time Vasantha krishna Prasad came to tdp and got a seat which surprised all the ycp cadre. Besides Vasantha, devineni uma also joined hands with him and tdp became strong there. Political analysts say that this is the seat that tdp will win for the first time in the state elections of Andhra Pradesh.

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