Budi Mutyala Naidu, who is currently the deputy chief minister in the YSP government is contesting as a Vaikapa candidate from Anakapalli parliamentary seat. Coming to the actual matter, Budi Mutyala Naidu from Madugula constituency started his reign as ZPTC. He won the mla seat from ycp in the 2014 elections and won that election by a narrow margin of 500 votes later. In the 2019 elections, Mutyala Naidu won as mla from ycp for the second time in a row.

As part of the changes, Mutyala Naidu was given the post of minister and also appointed the post of Deputy CM. As for the latest elections, he once again contested for the assembly from Madugula and hoped to win for the third time in a row. jagan gave him a bumper offer. Mutyala Naidu was fielded as mp from Anakapalli Parliament. The Madugu seat was allotted to Mutyala Naidu's daughter Earle Anuradha. It is remarkable that Anuradha is the daughter of Mutyala Naidu's second wife. But Mutyala Naidu's first wife had a daughter and a son.

His second wife also has a son and a daughter. The two sons have been raging for a few days as they have given the Madugala seat to Anuradha, the daughter of his second wife, instead of making his two sons political heirs. In this order, the first wife's son ravikumar is protesting against his father. He filed his nomination as an independent candidate for the Madugula assembly seat. He is contesting as an independent candidate to solve the public problems of Madugula's development.. He wants to make him win because all the people of Madugula constituency know that he will always be available.

Ravikumar also says that he will take legal action against the revenue officials who are trampling on the feet of the ycp leaders. There is a local discussion that Mutyala Naidu must have 'Son' stroke as his own daughter is contesting as an independent.

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