Fact Check karnataka voters only support PM Modi?

While the video is being circulated that karnataka state voters are only supporting prime minister Modi, its authenticity has come to light. Parliamentary lok sabha elections are held in 7 phases. The preliminary voting for a total of 102 constituencies including tamil Nadu was completed on the 19th. The second phase of polling will be held on 26th for 89 constituencies in 13 states. In particular, voting will be held in a single phase for a total of 20 constituencies in the neighboring state of kerala and in the first phase for 14 constituencies in the state of Karnataka. Ahead of the elections, leading media organizations are camping in their respective states and providing the public with the field conditions. In that way, Rajdeep Sardesai, the writer of india Today news TV, gathered and published the opinions of the public about the field situation in karnataka state.  He questioned the passengers on a bus in Karnataka's Chikkaballapur about who they would vote for, questioned the promises made by both Modi and Siddaramaiah and questioned who their support was.

In this situation, many people who share the interview of Rajdeep Sardesai and all the voters of karnataka are saying that they support prime minister Modi. In the video shared by them, there are many comments that karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah prefers the assurance of prime minister Narendra Modi over the interests of the state. However, it has been revealed that the video has been edited. That is, while the video is being circulated that the voters of karnataka state are only supporting prime minister Modi, its veracity has come to light. Accordingly, it has been revealed that only the comments in favor of Siddaramaiah have been removed from the video and it has been edited and shared in a tone that gives the impression that karnataka voters support Modi. A related video was posted on india Today's official X page on april 16. In the video titled 'Modi Vs Siddaramaiah' in karnataka, many of the women who speak first say they support Siddaramaiah and the congress party. After that in the video at minute 2.00 a woman speaks in support of prime minister Modi. Some people continue to express their views in support of prime minister Modi. Finally, one lends support to the secular Janata Dal in the bjp alliance.

Similarly, Rajdeep Sardesai, who was interviewed about the video, has also explained. On his X page, he said, “BJP IT wing has edited the video of our program in a bus in Karnataka. PM Modi is very popular in Karnataka. But don't edit the video of #ElectionsOnMyPlate for your political gain. Why not also show the voices that supported chief minister Siddaramaiah?” He has questioned.  Through this, it has been revealed that mixed views have been expressed in support of both karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah and prime minister Modi, but the video has been edited and circulated to create the impression that the voters of karnataka state support only prime minister Modi.

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