PM Modi - Emphasis on tamil culture...

In a discussion program on exams in february 2018, PM Modi told students that he regretted not being able to speak tamil, the world's oldest language. Many Sanskrit-loving scholars believe that the oldest language of india is Sanskrit. In such a situation, a new debate broke out when the prime minister called tamil the oldest language in the world. After that, on several occasions, PM Modi described tamil as the oldest language in the world. Obviously, by saying this, PM must have touched the heartstrings of more than nine crore tamil speakers around the world.

In the last six years, PM Modi has many times described tamil as the oldest language in the world and now even Sanskritists do not react to it. It can be said that this was the first big step towards PM Modi's tamil outreach. The very next year, annamalai, a young IPS officer, resigned from service in september 2019 and joined bjp in august 2020. annamalai hails from tamil Nadu and his cadre was Karnataka. When annamalai resigned and joined the bjp, there was nothing new in it that would have alerted the observers, but just a year later, in august 2021, when 36-year-old annamalai was made the state president of tamil Nadu bjp, the eyes of the entire country were fixed on him. annamalai became the youngest state president in the history of tamil Nadu BJP.

Annamalai had replaced L Murugan, who was made the Union minister of State in the Modi cabinet after handing over the reins of the state to Annamalai. L Murugan comes from the scheduled caste, while annamalai comes from the OBC Category. annamalai coming from OBC class is not a mere coincidence. The dominance of OBC class leaders in the politics of tamil Nadu is not a hidden thing. With the pairing of OBC annamalai and sc Murugan, bjp did the same social engineering for which it has become famous in other states.

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