BJP leader gajendra singh shekhawat attacks Congress…

Union Jal shakti Minister and bjp candidate from jodhpur gajendra singh shekhawat has made a big attack on Congress. He said on wednesday (April 24) that congress has been doing appeasement politics since independence only to save its votes, but now this mentality of congress has been completely exposed in front of the people of the country. gajendra singh shekhawat said in jodhpur that even during the times of Nehru and indira gandhi in 1963 and 1974, congress had passed the Compulsory Deposit Act to confiscate people's earnings. Under this it was mandatory to deposit 18% of the assets of employees and other people with the government. This had a locket period of 3 to 5 years.

Shekhawat said, "When the black law was implemented, Dr. manmohan singh used to be the Chief Economic Advisor to the prime minister of the congress Party. He said that in 2006, while the prime minister, manmohan singh took forward this thinking and gave a statement that Muslims have the first right to the country's property. Now, on the advice of sam Pitroda, this is mentioned in the congress manifesto.

Shekhawat's attack on rahul Gandhi

Shekhawat said that rahul gandhi has also said that the country has the right to 55 percent of someone's property by conducting a survey on caste and economic basis in nagpur and Mumbai. This means that they want to distribute this wealth to their particular vote bank. gajendra singh shekhawat alleged that the congress manifesto and the statements of the leaders further target the Congress's appeasement political thinking. He said that the women's wealth is given to them as a gift from their family members. The congress party talks about dividing it. Where congress keeps trying to protect its special voting class. Whatever poor welfare scheme has been implemented by PM Modi in the last 10 years. He has not implemented it without any caste, religion, or language. Rather, it is applied equally to all sections without any discrimination.

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