This election is going to be very crucial between tdp ruling party and YCP. As part of the alliance, tdp and Jana Sena are allied in the bjp party. Vote Transfer and Manifesto As the bjp kept away from the Manifesto which was good for the tdp party, it caused a big uproar. There were also reports that the bjp party was forced into the alliance. But whether vote transfer will actually happen in andhra pradesh elections has now become a million dollar question.

There are all tdp candidates in the alliance.. Especially there are no separate candidates like janasena, tdp, BJP.. In reality, janasena candidates were contested by TDP. In bjp too, all tdp candidates contested. pawan kalyan led a campaign for many days. More than tdp led the party from behind. All this credit can be given to Pawan Kalyan.. If the alliance wins the election tomorrow.. Chandrababu will be the man of the series.. If jagan wins the election, the man of the series will be Jaganmohan Reddy.. This matter will be decided on june 4.

But man of the match can be given to Pawan Kalyan. The single most reason for the excitement in the elections is Pawan Kalyan.. tdp also joined BJP.. From the beginning they ran the campaign that ycp votes should not be split. pawan kalyan created a build among tdp janasena cadres. It seems that only where there is a lack of unity in the alliance can it be damaged. Especially the combination of kamma Kapu.. especially the gap between Kapus and Dalits.. and the gap between Kapus and Shettibalijas.. but politics brought them all together. And it remains to be seen whether it will work out or not.

At present the entire telugu desam party is saying that we will win. Especially the voters of those groups who watch TV.. Let's see what happens

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