Elections across the state were very interesting. Now everyone is excited about the result. At this very moment, many people are discussing who is going to win in which constituency. The most important constituency in such ap is Cheepurupalli. Two senior leaders are facing each other in this constituency. While kala venkata rao is in the fray from tdp, Botsa Satyanarayana is in the fray from YCP. Whose side has the chance of winning in the big fight between these two senior leaders? Let's know the details of who the voters of Cheepurupalli supported.

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No one wants to talk about Botsa Satyanarayana in vizianagaram district politics. He has held many positions as mp, PCC Chief and Minister. Having won three times from Chipurupally, he is looking to win the fourth time and step into the Assembly. telugu desam party former minister and senior leader Kimidi kala venkata rao has been fielded from TDP. He said that he would first contest from the etcherla Assembly constituency, but that seat went to the bjp as part of the alliance. kala venkata rao had to shift to Chipurupalli because of this. He has some connections politically in this constituency. Former minister Kimidi Mrinalini's family members.

Venkatarau will be her brother-in-law. chinna Srinu is the coordinator from ycp and chairman of ZP. It is he who sets the entire ycp program in Cheepurupalli. Besides, mp Bellanna, chinna Srinu, and minister Botsa Satyanarayana all together gained full control in the Cheepurupalli constituency. Kapu used to be the majority in this constituency of two lakh voters. It is Kapu who dictates the winning streak of the candidates. As these two leaders belong to the Kapu social class, the mention of caste is not so important. kala venkata rao also won six times from tdp and he worked as home Minister.

Botsa Satyanarayana, who has achieved a lot in Chipurupally, has more than 40,000 own-image votes. Once he contested from congress even in tdp Hawa and won a majority of more than 40,000. After that, he joined ycp and maintained his hold. Besides, he is always available to people by doing many development programs in Cheepurupally. He gets along with everyone regardless of big or small differences. It seems that Botsa Satyanarayana is going to throw his victory ticket in Chipurupalli this time too. The main reason for this is that kala venkata rao is a new candidate and their cousin Mrinali is expected to get a ticket, which is a plus given that she does not fully support TDP. Looking at all these, political analysts say that Satyanarayana will win in Cheepurupalli with a huge majority.

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