PM Modi Confident Of 'South Surprise'!!!

Prime minister Narendra Modi on monday claimed that the bharatiya janata party (BJP) will spring a surprise in the southern states in lok sabha election 2024. In an exclusive interview with Amish Devgan, Managing Editor, News18 UP, PM Modi said that the bjp will sweep the telugu states of andhra pradesh and telangana this election.

On a question as to whether bjp dominates only in hindi speaking states, PM Modi said, “This is a really old school of thought. Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Assam, West Bengal, karnataka – are all these hindi speaking states? The bjp is present across the country today, and the bjp will win a hat-trick across the country this time. It’s not because Modi is saying. The people of the country have decided and we will witness over 400 seats for NDA.” He added that the bjp as well as the nda will break all their previous records.

Speaking about the southern states, PM Modi said that south india will bring up the biggest surprise this election. “Kerala, tamil Nadu, Puducherry, karnataka, andhra pradesh, telangana – you will witness a historic transformation in all these states and UT and there will be a big achievement for bjp and nda,” PM Modi said. He also claimed that the nda will register a clean sweep in Telangana. “Even the state witnessing assembly Elections, you will see bjp and nda forming governments. We will register a clean sweep in Andhra and telangana,” the prime minister added.

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