Priyanka gandhi Questions PM Modi...

Prime minister Narendra Modi on tuesday said that the word ‘nervousness’ does not exist in his dictionary, as congress leader priyanka gandhi questioned his roadshow in varanasi during filing of nomination papers for lok sabha elections. The PM also told citizens that he’s their own child, and he’ll improve in areas where they think he lacks. “The word ‘nervousness’ does not exist in my dictionary. I have done ‘jeevan tapasya’ (spiritual discipline of life). I’ve spent every second of my life on our citizens, and not on myself. I’ve done this because I know these people are very deserving. They’ve been subjugated to injustice for 60-70 years. And when someone wipes their tears, thinks about toilets for them, they don’t forget,” PM Modi told.

“Modi is your child. If he is lacking in something, he’ll improve on it,” the prime minister added. The comments were made during PM’s conversation with News18 after he filed his nomination from the varanasi lok sabha seat. The event was attended by several nda leaders, including Union ministers and chief ministers, in a show of strength as Modi seeks a third term from the constituency.

Attacking PM Modi over varanasi roadshow, congress leader priyanka gandhi said, “These are not the kind of ‘jan samparks’ we did. Despite being a prime minister, my father Rajiv gandhi used to visit villages on foot to listen to people’s problems; wipe their tears. Waving hands from a car, and citizens responding from metres away is not ‘jan samparak’.”

Countering Priyanka’s attack, Union minister Giriraj Singh said, “I will only say that the Nehru family exploited India. They cheated on the poor. Today, PM Modi came for them as their saviour.”

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