'Please Don't Politicise Our Hapless State'...

A survivor of the alleged sex scandal involving suspended JDS Hassan mp prajwal revanna and his father HD Revanna has urged karnataka politicians “not to politicise our hapless state.” “Please do not politicise our hapless state. Our lives have been ruined by these demons. But making it an election issue will not make you (politicians) any less a demon than our perpetrators,” said one of the survivors who lodged an FIR against prajwal revanna and his mla father. Not only are the victims terribly traumatised by the alleged sexual and mental abuse they had to endure over years, they said that they are now completely ‘broken’ after it became an election pitch across party lines. The prajwal revanna sex scandal has raised a political storm with the ruling congress and BJP-JD(S) engaged in a political slugfest amidst the lok sabha polls.

The survivors who have come forward have been secured and closely guarded by the SIT investigating the case, but they speak of feeling trapped within themselves, rather than the four walls of their safe house.

“If we did not file an FIR, we would have been accused of taking money from a particular party. If we filed an FIR, we are still being accused of taking money from another party. All political parties are the same. Please do not demean our lives by making us a poster campaign especially during these elections,” begged the male member of the family of one of the four victims who have come forward to file an FIR.

Speaking over the phone, recounting her horror has been a Herculean task, but the survivor said that she wanted to expose the father-son duo and their “demonic acts.” “We live in constant fear. It has taken a lot of courage and a lot for people persuading us that they will stand by us that made us come forward. We expect justice. We hope that that man (Prajwal) and his father are given a death sentence for what they have done to us,” said one of the survivors whose daughter was also allegedly threatened and sexually abused over video calls.

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