PM Modi Attacks Congress...

Prime minister Narendra Modi on tuesday spoke about his “emotional side”, calling it both his strength and weakness. In an exclusive interview with News18 during his visit to varanasi to file his nomination for the 2024 lok sabha elections, the prime minister also questioned the congress party for not being able to look beyond family, adding that he considers india his family.

Responding to a question about how he is an emotional person and hides it from the world, PM Modi said he was “beyond all this.” Speaking from the banks of River Ganga, PM Modi said, “The thing is, in the age of television, people get to know this emotional side. These things don’t come later, we are born with it. And that is my strength, and weakness in the eyes of the world. It is also an opportunity for the opponents to taunt me. But I am beyond all this.”

“Modi is your child. You have raised him. You have brought him up. If there is anything missing, I will fix it. If it is good, I will move forward,” he added. PM Modi filed his nomination from varanasi, which will go to polls in the sixth phase of lok sabha elections 2024 on june 1. In a show of strength, PM Modi carried out a roadshow in varanasi before filing his nomination and was also accompanied by several other bharatiya janata party (BJP) leaders.

On a question on how the Opposition calls him an autocrat and questions him on not having a family, PM Modi launched a scathing attack at the congress, saying their entire campaign is a “family campaign.” “They should be the ones to answer these questions. Now the entire campaign of the congress Party has become a family campaign. Same is the case for other parties of the INDI alliance. In tamil Nadu, it was a family campaign. In Karnataka, it was a family campaign. You see Andhra, it was a family campaign. You see Telangana, it was a family campaign. You see Uttar Pradesh, two families are campaigning. You see Jammu and Kashmir, two families are campaigning. They should be the ones to answer these questions. Even after so many years, why can’t you leave your family,” PM Modi questioned.

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