Sanjay Raut said, 'Now Modi will not become PM...'

Ajit Pawar faction leader sunil Tatkare claimed in a program of ABP Majha that 'Uddhav thackeray wanted to join BJP'. Now shiv sena (UBT) mp Sanjay Raut has hit back on this. In the same program, Raut said that "Uddhav thackeray is a man of his words. shiv sena did not want to go with bjp at all. sunil Tatkare's claims are wrong."

Sanjay Raut made this claim

Shiv Sena (UBT) mp Sanjay Raut has denied the allegations of ncp leader sunil Tatkare. Raut described Tatkare's claims as baseless and said there was no truth in his allegations. He also made it clear that BJP's unity will be tested after june 4. Meanwhile, Raut claimed that Modi will not become prime minister again.

Raut further said that "anyone can be put in jail by misusing power, but it is not permanent." He compared Eknath Shinde and ajit pawar to 'bubbles' and raised questions on the unity of BJP. He claimed that "Shinde and Pawar will not get any seats in the elections and their party (MVA) will win 30 to 35 seats."

Raut also said that if bjp had kept its promise in 2019 and made Shinde the Chief Minister, the political scenario would have been different. He accused gujarat businessmen of playing 'game' in Maharashtra. Raut said that he will keep fighting for the party that has given him everything, and he will never side with the BJP. He has also predicted that 'India' alliance will get 300 seats.

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