AP: Following the election, Pawan and jagan are one!

In politics, it is a well-known reality, that there are neither permanent allies nor opponents. Large leaders manage their futures and switch parties to suit their political purposes. By calling parties and flags, only activists go to the extent of beating and killing one another. In ap, the elections are now over. A pitched struggle broke out between the two groups. However, on june 4th, it will be apparent which party will prevail and who will take over. ycp and tdp activists engaged in ferocious election warfare up until a short while ago. 

Everyone in the same village is battling over parties and having a very hard time. After the election, a party will be declared the winner and take office.

No leader will ever again approach the average person after that. But when you wake up, the people who fought should gaze at each other's faces. This, according to several prominent political observers, is the cause of the conflicts and fighting at this particular moment. A man has put together a fantastic movie by fusing old clips of pawan kalyan and Jaganmohan reddy, which conveys a positive message.

Jaganmohan reddy and pawan kalyan are two sides of the same coin. Their personalities and areas of interest diverge greatly from the environments in which they were raised.

The son of a well-known figure and the son of a previous chief minister are the two individuals. One is in the film industry, while the other is in politics. In any case, neither share any interests in common. Furthermore, the two have developed a rivalry in politics. Why is this issue still on your mind after the elections?

A ycp party member said in a social media post that Pawan jagan is a mutual fan. Supporters of Pawan and jagan are responding in different ways. Are both Pawan jagan fans?  

Fans of jagan Pawan are responding to this video in various ways. Such mutual admirers are widespread in AP. Pawan is continuously losing because of this. Many ap supporters claim in public that they would sacrifice their life for Pawan Kalyan, yet they will vote for Jaganna in the election. Pawan is not fixed in politics, which is why he has so many supporters. Everyone is beginning to understand from this that politics is politics and a movie is a movie.

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