How will india benefit from this deal?

India will get the biggest benefit from capturing Chabahar Port. Chabahar is the only Iranian port which has direct access to the sea. Apart from the Middle east and Western countries, it can become an important trade route with iran and Afghanistan. Currently, if there is any deal between india and afghanistan, then the movement of goods takes place through Pakistan. This is the reason why India's trade with afghanistan could be worth $1.33 billion in 2023, which is 40 per cent less than China.

This will not happen with the construction of this port. Apart from commercial benefits, there is also diplomatic benefit from the port. china is developing the Gwadar Port of Pakistan. On the other hand, india has taken the lead on Charbah. The distance between Charbah and Gwadar is 70 km.

How will iran benefit from the agreement?

A new port of iran will be built which will be directly connected to europe and the Middle East. Also, in trade matters, iran is currently facing sanctions from many countries because of America. The agreement with india will make its path easier in future. Apart from this, iran is currently the weakest in logistics infrastructure. If this agreement takes shape, Iran's connectivity will improve. iran has already signed many agreements with russia and india, which could not be completed due to logistics infrastructure.

What problem does America have with this?

Enmity has been going on between iran and America since 1953. iran alleges that America is trying to suppress it behind the scenes. In the 1980s, both countries ended their diplomatic relations. America has imposed many types of sanctions on Iran. This is called American sanctions. America is also against Iran's nuclear policy. America has also warned the world that anyone who has relations with iran will be banned. In this series, America has opposed india on Charbah.

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