'Smile now you are a citizen of India.' 14 'foreigners' became Indians 

CAA was recently notified and implemented as a law by the central government, after which it has been made an anti-BJP issue by the opposition parties in the lok sabha elections 2024. Now under this, for the first time, 14 people have become indian citizens.

The central government had recently implemented the citizenship amendment act, 2019 (CAA). For the first time after the implementation of Citizenship Amendment Rules i.e. caa in the country, 14 people have been given indian citizenship. Union home Secretary ajay Bhalla has handed over citizenship certificates to these 14 applicants in Delhi. This is being considered a big event during the lok sabha elections 2024, because the opposition parties opposing the implementation of the citizenship amendment act have made it an election issue against the BJP.

Oppressed minorities from neighboring countries get citizenship under CAA

Indian citizenship is being given under caa to the minority communities i.e. Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains etc. who are being persecuted in India's neighboring countries Pakistan, Bangladesh, afghanistan, Sri Lanka. The central government had got the citizenship amendment act (CAA) passed by the parliament on december 11, 2019 to give local citizenship to the refugees from minority communities who came from these countries before december 31, 2014, which was implemented after 4 years just before the lok sabha elections. it was done. Now through this Act, for the first time, 14 people have got indian citizenship.

How to get citizenship

To obtain indian citizenship under caa, one has to first apply by visiting the official website indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in. Apart from this, you can also apply by visiting the app named CAA-2019. A total of 29 documents have to be submitted in this process, out of which 9 documents state that you are a citizen of Pakistan, afghanistan or Bangladesh. The remaining documents prove when you entered India. After applying on the official website, your form will be scrutinized by the district level team. After this verification you will be informed when you will have to appear in person with the original documents. After this, if the document is correct, the concerned officer will verify it. After this the application will be sent to Sashakt Pailan. Then the entire matter will be investigated. After this, if the panel approves, a citizenship certificate will be issued in the name of the applicant.

Opposition parties say it is all an election issue.

The citizenship amendment act (CAA) was implemented in india just before the lok sabha elections. caa was implemented across the country on march 11, 2024. Let us tell you that the indian Citizenship Act has been amended 6 times since 1955. The Citizenship Act has been amended for the first time in 1986, 1992, 2003, 2005, 2015 and last in 2019. The implementation of this law amid lok sabha elections has created a stir in the opposition camp. Let us tell you that the fourth phase of lok sabha elections has been completed in the country. Now only three more phases of elections are left. The fifth sharan election is going to be held on 20th. Keeping in view the lok sabha elections, the opposition is considering this as the work of BJP. All the opposition parties are considering this as some agenda of BJP.

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