'If india dares, we will not hesitate' pakistan upset by PM Modi's statement

Prime minister Narendra Modi had recently mentioned pakistan while targeting the opposition parties. There has been an uproar in pakistan regarding this statement.

Four phases of voting have taken place in the lok sabha elections. Recently, while targeting his opposition parties, prime minister Narendra Modi had given a statement about 'making pakistan wear bangles', on which pakistan has now become angry. On Tuesday, Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said that indian leaders should stop dragging pakistan into their domestic politics for their electoral gains. Along with this, pakistan said that if india takes any step, pakistan will also not hesitate to respond to it.

'If anyone dares, we will not hesitate'

Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesperson mumtaz Zahra Baloch has given a statement. Regarding the comments of prime minister Modi and other cabinet ministers on pakistan, he said that all these statements show hatred towards Pakistan. It becomes clear from this that the leaders deliberately want to take electoral advantage by making such statements. pakistan knows how to protect its sovereignty and its territorial integrity. pakistan has shown its resolve to defend itself in the past and if the indian side dares, we too will not hesitate.

What did PM Modi say?

While addressing an election rally in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, PM Modi had said, 'These people are so scared that they see nuclear bombs even in their dreams at night. Look at the statements of the leaders of india alliance, they say that pakistan is not wearing bangles. Hey brother, I will wear it. They also need flour, there is no electricity. Now we did not know that she did not even have bangles.

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