People also cross-voted for ycp instead of TDP..!?

- Voting in favor of Purandeshwari in Rajahmundry.

- ycp fans who voted against Ambati.

- In vijayawada, Nani's soft transfer of votes from TDP..?

It is known that many analyses and discussions have come to the fore regarding the polling process that ended in the state. In this, the discussion that cross-voting was done in some constituencies came to the fore. It is believed that this happened mainly because of the leaders and their relatives who are in touch with all the parties. For example, Daggubati Purandeshwari is contesting as a bjp candidate from the rajahmundry parliamentary seat. Although she is less known here, her husband Daggubati Venkateswara Rao is more known. Due to this, it is being spread that he made a vow in rajahmundry a month in advance. Interestingly, ycp is also among them. Similarly, it is said that Daggubati influenced the neutral voters even more.

Also, observers are saying that a similar situation is seen in the vijayawada Parliament area. mp Keshineni Nani, who was in tdp till yesterday, jumped into YCP. It is noteworthy that it happened a few days before the elections. Also, since he has been in tdp since 2014, there is an argument that many people have benefited from him. At the time of the election, all these people also cross-voted for ycp instead of TDP. That means there are expectations that the debt has been paid off.

Also, Kanna Lakshminarayan contested on behalf of tdp in the Sattenapally constituency. He has good relations with congress leaders in this constituency. Even though they are all in ycp at present, Kanna has succeeded in turning them towards him. As a result, the figures show that cross-voting took place here as well. Similarly, the effect of cross-voting for Roja is more visible in the city. It is said that Roja was cross-voted due to KJ Kumar's campaign against her while staying in her own party. Like this, Leaders are holding their heads in some other constituencies as well.

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