When shivaji killed afzal khan from Baghankha, know what was the whole matter

Afzal Khan's chest expanded after reading Shivaji's words. He felt that shivaji was afraid of him. In his mind, afzal khan planned that he would kill shivaji during the meeting and capture his territory.

Mughals ruled medieval India. Emperor aurangzeb was in power in Delhi. aurangzeb was continuously promoting religious fundamentalism in India. At the same time, his barbaric policies were also being opposed from a certain area. maratha hero Chhatrapati shivaji was protesting against this. This is from the 17th century. Chhatrapati shivaji was continuously challenging the Mughal Sultanate. Meanwhile an interesting incident happened. Actually, a big gathering was organized in Bijapur. This gathering was organized by the king of that place. The king of Bijapur had an alliance with the Mughals.

Shivaji refused to come to the gathering

Shivaji was invited to this special gathering because he had defeated the commander of the Adilshahi dynasty, Mulla Ali, and captured his territory. Especially the forts of Raigarh and Torna were also captured. The Mughals were getting scared after seeing shivaji becoming increasingly powerful. Adilshahi sultan had also called his senior officials in this gathering. Along with this, queen Badi Sahiba of Dowagar was also present there. rani Sahiba herself looked after the affairs of Bijapur. Actually, afzal khan was a cruel commander of the Adil Shahi dynasty of the Bijapur Sultanate. He was the most loyal commander of sultan Adil Shah of Bijapur. He was continuously working to expand the Mughalia Sultanate in the south. He also achieved success in many wars. In this meeting, afzal khan started raising questions about Shivaji. Started saying who is Shivaji? I teach him a lesson. He did not stop here and started saying that I will drag her here. If anything more happens, I will bring his dead body also. Afzal was very proud of his strength. He felt that no one could defeat him. He was fully confident that he would kill Shivaji. After that meeting, he set out with his soldiers in search of Shivaji.

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