Modi wants to distribute black money to the poor..!?

The comments that black money and Pakistan-occupied kashmir will definitely become a hot topic in politics during elections are heard very strongly. But aside from that, prime minister Modi has made interesting comments on the bundles of currency notes seized by the Enforcement Directorate in corruption cases. Modi & Co will definitely highlight the issue of distributing the block to the poor abroad. At this time Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again responded to this matter. Responding to the opposition's allegations that the Center is misusing the investigation agencies, prime minister Modi said that the ED remained useless during the congress regime. In the same vein, prime minister Modi said that the central investigation agencies started working effectively only after they came to power. Interesting comments were made on the mounds.

As a part of this, Modi said that he is looking for opportunities to redistribute that money to the poor. The prime minister who made comments on this occasion accused some people during the previous governments of misusing their positions and looting the money of the poorHe said that he wanted all that money to go back to the poor. For this, he said that he would seek the advice of the legal teamHe also said that he would not hesitate to make changes to the law. In the same order... Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who mentioned that the bjp leaders were not confident that the nda alliance would win 400 seats, said that the people had instilled confidence in them that they would definitely win 400 seats. prime minister Narendra Modi said that he knows their point of view. Since the 2019 elections, their alliance has a majority of 400 seats. This time, they have told their leaders to cross the 400 mark.

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