Yogi Adityanath's mother's health deteriorated, admitted to AIIMS Rishikesh

Yogi Adityanath has taken up the life of a monk. Even though he is the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, his family lives like a normal rural family in rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

There has been news of concern for yogi adityanath, who is holding rallies day and night for bjp candidates during lok sabha elections 2024. The health of Smt. savitri Devi, mother of Uttar Pradesh chief minister yogi adityanath, has suddenly deteriorated. 80-year-old savitri Devi has been admitted to AIIMS in the religious city of rishikesh in uttarakhand due to deteriorating health. Although it is being told that earlier he was brought to AIIMS for routine checkup, but after high blood pressure and many other complaints were found during the checkup, he has been admitted for treatment.

Health is said to be stable

The administration of AIIMS rishikesh has confirmed the admission of yogi Adityanath's mother Smt. savitri Devi. According to the doctors, first savitri Devi's routine checkup was done in the special geriatric ward made for senior citizens. During this period his blood pressure was found to be higher than normal. Besides, many other symptoms also appeared a bit worrying. After this, he has been admitted to the hospital so that some important routine tests can be conducted. Many types of tests are being done and treatment is also continuing. In the health bulletin issued at 3 pm, the AIIMS administration said that the health of savitri Devi remains completely stable. HOD of Geriatric Ward Prof. A team of doctors is taking care of savitri Devi's health under the supervision of Meenakshi Dhar.

Yogi Adityanath is a monk of Nath sect, no relation to the family

Yogi Adityanath may be the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the country's most politically influential state, but he has no connection with his family. Even today his family lives like a normal rural family near Rishikesh. Actually yogi adityanath is a monk of Nath sect. In this sect, once one becomes a monk, there is a restriction on associating with one's family. Apart from being the chief minister of UP, yogi adityanath is also the Peetadhishwar (chief priest) of Gorakshdham in Gorakhpur.

Yogi did not go even after his father's death

Yogi Adityanath's father Anand Singh Bisht died at the age of 89 in 2020 during the Corona epidemic. yogi adityanath did not even attend his father's funeral. However, he cited the reason for this as the duty to follow the protocols implemented due to the Corona epidemic in the country. He had written a letter to the family requesting to perform the last rites of his father only under the Corona protocol.

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