Shocking revelation in organ transplant…

The health department in rajasthan is in action mode these days. In this context, after the report of the high level inquiry committee in the issue of fake NOC for organ transplant, the state government has taken action against the guilty officials. The investigation report for this was awaited. Additional Chief Secretary of the Medical and health Department, Shubhra Singh, said that after the facts revealed in the investigation report, the coordinator of the State Authority Committee, Senior professor of General Surgery, SMS Hospital, Dr. Rajendra Bagri, has been suspended with immediate effect.

These things came to light in action

Additional Chief Secretary Shubhra Singh further said that the investigation report has revealed that Dr. Bagdi was fully aware of receiving the application for NOC. He said that despite this he is primarily responsible for the meetings not being organised. He did not take the work of the State Authority Committee seriously. Shubhra Singh said that similarly, on the basis of the report of the inquiry committee, former Principal of Sawai Mansingh Medical College, Dr. rajeev Baghatta and former Superintendent Dr. Achal Sharma were booked under CCA Rule 16 for not organizing the meeting for issuing NOC and supervisory negligence. Under this, a notice has been given and clarification has been sought within 3 days.

Irregularities in organ transplants from 2020 to 2023

The health Department says that the game of organ transplant was going on since the year 2020, which has been exposed by the Medical and health Department. There were gross negligence and irregularities at various levels in the process related to human organ transplantation from the year 2020 to the year 2023. The department says that action has been taken in this matter. Principal Dr. Rajiv Bagrahatta and Superintendent Dr. Achal Sharma of Sawai Mansingh Medical College, who were found prima facie guilty for not holding the meetings of the State Authorization Committee for NOC regularly, were removed from their posts.

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