Modi's theatres not continue.. How many seats will be reduced?

Earlier in indiaBJP was the name of the people. Many wanted a bjp government at the centre . For that, those who close their eyes and vote for bjp win, but in 2024 parliament election, there is no love for bjp in the voters , the media continues to understand the matter. Even leaders like amit shah are aware of this but they are not admitting it. They are saying that they will get more seats but this time it seems that there is a possibility that they will get less seats from 60 to 100. bjp is collecting more taxes. Besides, increasing the rates on petrol and gas is hurting the poor middle class people. Modi has always been criticized that he does not understand the sufferings of the poor except for visiting all the countries. 

Many are questioning why he is still unable to develop the country like a China and Japan . In the hope of getting rid of the power of the bjp at the center, most of the votes are being given to the India alliancePrime Minister Narendra Modi always uses the sentiment of Hindus. This time he said that it is his honor to build it in ram Janmabhoomi Ayodhya. Actually, there is nothing wrong in building a temple for Lord Ram , but if it is used for politics, people will not accept it. It seems that the rebellion is now visible among them who use this sentiment to win votes. Modi has taken a new step this time. They wanted to get Hindu votes by saying that they would completely remove reservations for the Muslim minorities, but it seems that it is likely to do more harm than good. 

Hindus did not trust Modi and Muslims opposed him. 7-8 seats in UP, 4-5 seats in Rajasthan, 2-3 seats in Gujarat, 2-3 seats in Delhi, 1-2 in Himachal Pradesh, 2-3 seats in Haryana, 7-9 mp seats in Karnataka, 6 in Bihar, maharashtra as compared to 2019. Political analysts say that bjp may lose 7 seats . This will make BJP very weak.

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