Rayalaseema: This is a real twist..TDP incharge who supported YCP..!

YS family has a good name in YSR district of andhra pradesh .. especially here this family can also be called Kanchukota. Recently there are reports that G praveen Reddy who is in charge of tdp in Poddutur has supported YCP party in the election. Especially before the results of the election, the TDP in-charge is being criticized by the own party leaders. There are allegations that the in-charge has worked in favor of the ycp, even though he boasted that he would hoist the tdp flag in Poddutur . 

Praveen reddy carried the party flag during the difficult time of TDP party in Poddutur . As praveen Reddy was younger , he was also given the in-charge of tdp there. Especially praveen Reddy who fought against the ruling party mla Rachamallu Shivprasad's house and was jailed many times. When praveen was in kadapa Central Jail, nara lokesh also went to visit him . In particular, lokesh has also been announced as the tdp candidate in the upcoming elections from Kadapa . 

Although nara lokesh had indirectly signaled that the ticket was Praveen 's in the yuva Galam Padayatra, in the end the ticket was not given to former mla Varadarajula Reddy. It seems that praveen could not digest this fact. But praveen did not join another party. praveen has been appointed as tdp party rajampet Election Supervisor. But praveen didn't do any campaign.. At that time, Kamalapuram tdp candidate Putta chaitanya reddy spoke in a media conference and accused Praveen's family of working in favor of the ycp party in his own village, Kokantha. 

It seems that this matter has also been informed to the tdp leadership.. However, former mla Varadarajulareddy said that praveen worked only for the victory of YCP . This once again revealed internal differences in tdp in Podduthur. And some leaders and activists are also saying that this is a twist after the elections.

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