Battle of ambition, ego and authority...

The lok sabha elections are in their final stages. The fifth phase of voting is going to take place in a few days. Meanwhile, there is an uproar in the politics of Delhi. The political heat in delhi has increased further with this entire episode. When swati Maliwal reached Delhi Chief Minister's residence a few days ago, she was misbehaved and after 4 hours of interrogation, yesterday i.e. on 16th May, delhi Police has registered a complaint. By the time this article is being written, some videos of that incident have also surfaced and the round of allegations and counter-allegations is going on on Socialmedia. swati Maliwal has lodged a seven-page FIR against delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's PA Vibhav Kumar, but has not taken Kejriwal's name.

Swati Maliwal and Vibhav Kumar

This author has known Vibhav Kumar since 2004 and knowing Vibhav for so many years has no impact on his understanding of this case. Yes, what makes an impact is my understanding of it which has developed over time. This understanding says that Bibhav Kumar cannot raise his hand on any woman, especially a woman like swati Maliwal. There is a strong logic to this, because swati and Vibhav have been working with arvind kejriwal since 2005. Vibhav was initially associated with manish Sisodia's Kabir and swati Maliwal used to head Kejriwal's PCRF, only on paper the name was Arvind Kejriwal. These two organizations used to work together. So, this 20 years of togetherness and all that? I do not see any reason for this incident to be true which would strongly argue that Vibhav had raised his hand on swati Mailwal. However, now the question is that if this had not happened in the Chief Minister's residence, then what would have happened? I have three theories to answer this question. I agree that something must have happened, but something must have happened different from what is being shown in the media about the assault and at the same time I say that Vibhav would not have assaulted and he cannot do it.

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