The link between new and old in BJP gone with Sushil Modi...

There is ongoing turmoil among political parties regarding the lok sabha elections. Meanwhile, bad news came for the bjp, especially from Bihar. sushil kumar modi, a prominent leader of bjp in bihar and who gave new heights to bjp in the state, is no more among us. sushil modi not only worked to strengthen bjp in bihar but also promoted the new generation. He had no emphasis on maintaining and maintaining the alliance, although he was also accused of surrendering too much to nitish kumar and always keeping the bjp in the second position.

Bihar, bjp and Sushil Modi

Sushil Modi was the think tank of bjp in Bihar. He used to think about issues ranging from deciding BJP's strategy, and ticket distribution to contesting elections. His original identity was that of an organization person. There was a time when bihar bjp was known by the name of sushil modi, but with time his role diminished. 

The reason for this was partly his illness and partly political-organizational. There came a time when he was transferred to delhi and also became a member of Rajya Sabha. During this period, it was believed that bjp would use sushil modi in central politics but sushil modi did not get any major responsibility in Delhi. After this, Sushil Modi's supporters were disappointed. 

BJP has made it clear that now Sushil Modi's role will be limited and people will not be able to see him in a big role. sushil modi accepted these decisions and did not go against the party and his history also shows that he never went against the party. He used to say that the party is bringing new people forward which is a good thing. He himself also kept bringing new people forward. New people were added to BJP and they also became party presidents. There was a time when you could not imagine bjp without him in Bihar.

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