Chhota Modi and Bada Modi -political circles?

It is said in the political circles of bihar that as soon as elder Modi (Narendra Modi) came to the centerthe role of sushil modi (younger Modi) was continuously reduced in Bihar. people used to attribute this to Sushil Modi's capture of bihar BJP. He says that there was a time when whatever sushil modi said would become a line of stone. These things and arguments seem weak when we see that the bjp does not depend on any one leader. It is a different matter when a leader is chosen for leadership, then the party runs accordingly, but the party also continuously brings new people forward so that there is never a void in the leadership of the party. 

This is why we see a queue of leaders in bjp from the national level to the provincial and lower divisions and this is why there has never been a dearth of options in BJP. For this reason, there is a reversal of responsibilities in the BJP. BJP's policy is that it brings new people forward, handing over other responsibilities to the old people.

The same was the case with sushil modi also. It is also true that the current bihar bjp was not comfortable with the leadership of Sushil Modi and the central leadership was not comfortable with Sushil Modi. There are many reasons for this uneasiness which are hidden in the past. 

Due to all this, Sushil from bihar went to Delhi and a new leadership was established in Bihar. It was not that Sushil Modi was completely cut off from Bihar, even after coming to delhihis opinion was given importance in bihar politics. sushil modi, with his intelligence and discretion, built personal relationships with people and workers and on this basis, he contributed to the politics of Bihar.

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