Kusheshwar Bhagat is once again in the fray…

Kusheshwar Bhagat saini, who has been making pav bhaji for years, is once again contesting elections. Even in the 2024 elections, he is contesting with full enthusiasm and confidence as before. They roam around throughout the day promoting themselves and in the evening they set up their pav bhaji stall. Kusheshwar Bhagat, who has been running a pav bhaji vendor in Sector-15 for years, has so far contested the assembly elections twice and lok sabha elections thrice. Now for the fourth time he filed nomination for Lok Sabha. He was also preparing to apply for the post of President of the country, but one cannot apply for the post of President without the recommendation of an MP. Therefore he was deprived of this opportunity.

Will contest elections every time

Kusheshwar Bhagat says that he wants to bring change in the country. There are many issues on which no government and no mp pays attention. The public remains distressed, but the government remains intoxicated. They do not accept such a system in the country. He says that he will contest elections every time.

 Keep appealing to people for votes

Kusheshwar Bhagat saini goes from door to door, street to street, colony to colony, village to village to campaign. After campaigning from morning to 4 pm, he sets up his pav bhaji vendor in Sector-15 at 5 pm. He has put up a banner with his election symbol on his street vendor and keeps appealing to people for votes.

 Making pav bhaji in Gurugram since 1996

Kusheshwar Bhagat has been fond of not only politics but also the film world. He first went to mumbai from Bihar. Tried to try my luck in films there. Couldn't find any work anywhere. Then he learned to make pav bhaji. He has been making pav bhaji in Gurugram since 1996. He termed the present mp of Gurugram as a reel mp and said that it was not right for Gurugram. Because he has made a lot of claims, but has not made any development.

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