Imran Khan's condition is so bad in pakistan jail, you will be shocked.

Imran Khan Vial Video: Former prime minister of pakistan and former cricket captain imran khan is liked by women all over the world for his handsome looks, but in the viral video he is seen in a very bad condition.

Imran Khan Viral Video: Former prime minister of pakistan imran khan is in jail in a corruption case. Now one of his videos has gone viral on social media, in which he is seen in a very bad condition with white hair, without makeup and hair dye. Imran, who was famous among women all over the world for his handsome looks since he started playing international cricket, is not even recognizable in this condition. This video clip is being shown through his video link during his appearance before the supreme court of Pakistan. However, imran khan appeared before the Pakistani supreme court on thursday in a case related to changes in anti-corruption laws and this video was uploaded on social media on Wednesday. Despite this, after this video surfaced, there has been panic in the whole of Pakistan. people are shocked and disturbed and are asking the truth of this video. On the other hand, the supreme court has also become angry due to the leaking of Imran Khan's video and has ordered an investigation. Let us tell you that dna is not confirming the authenticity of this video going viral on social media.

The viral video is said to be from the time of online hearing in the supreme Court. In this, Tehreek-e-Insaf pakistan (PTI) founder imran khan is sitting on a chair. Two other people are also sitting on either side of him. Imran Khan's hair is completely white and instead of his familiar hairstyle, his hair is short. Even his face is unrecognizable. He looks much older than his usual look. Only after looking very carefully can it be recognized that the person sitting on the chair is Imran Khan. This is the reason that after watching the video, many people have asked the question whether this is really Imran Khan?

This video of imran khan is going viral. Till friday afternoon, more than 9.45 lakh people have seen it, while more than 1,600 people have reposted it. More than 9.9 thousand people have liked it. people are surprised to see this. One user dismissed it as an AI generated fake video, while another wrote, 'Do you expect a 71 year old man to look like a model like Calvin Klein? The third user asked the question, 'Is this really Imran Khan?'

The supreme court has set up an investigation

The Pakistani supreme court is angry over the leaking of Imran Khan's video even though he was in jail. In the report of news international newspaper, quoting sources, it has been said that the supreme court has expressed its objection on this and has ordered an investigation. After this the jail administration has started investigation. imran khan appeared in the supreme court online on Thursday. This appearance took place after Imran challenged in the court the changes made in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) laws by the Shehbaz Sharif government. Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa had ordered to present imran khan as a petitioner to present his case. However, in the video of this hearing that was leaked, imran khan is seen with black hair. This hearing was not telecast live, whereas as per tradition, the hearing of high profile cases of the supreme court has been telecast live on national TV.

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