Tough fight between BJP-Congress in Gurgaon…

Gurgaon lok sabha seat, known as the financial capital of haryana, is considered very important due to its proximity to Delhi. There is a contest between congress and bjp on this seat. Muslim and Yadav voters decide the victory of the candidate on this seat. congress candidate is contesting elections from gurgaon for the first time. Whereas bjp candidates have represented this area five times. Despite this, it is believed that raj babbar will overthrow Rao Saab on the basis of Muslim votes. Let us tell you that the change in politics of haryana is called turning the bread in the local dialect.

Gurugram is the financial capital of Haryana.

Gurugram has also been a hot seat in terms of politics. Be it lok sabha or Assembly, the ruling party at the Center puts full emphasis on this seat to make its mp and MLA. This has been happening for the last 20 years. Gurugram lok sabha is a hot seat for every political party.

The magic of victory and defeat is in their hands

In this Muslim and Yadav dominated seat, the votes of these two communities decide the victory or defeat of the candidate. Gurugram lok sabha seat is one such seat which is being ruled by a shadow of the same leader Rao Inderjit. No matter which party he is in. Except for 2004-2009, Rao Inderjit Singh has won the lok sabha elections from here five times. In the years 1998-1999 and 2004-2009, Gurugram area was part of Mahendragarh Lok Sabha. Gurugram lok sabha came into existence again after delimitation in 2009.

Inderjeet is asking for votes in the name of Modi

The main contest on Gurugram seat is between bjp and Congress. Till now only one candidate has been strong from both the parties. If we look at the current political scenario in Gurugram lok sabha, bjp candidates are capitalizing more on the name of bringing Modi government for the third time.

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