Use and trend in politics is seen at every step. It is a habit of politicians to step aside when necessary. Activists are much needed by politicians during elections. The rest of the time they don't have a chance to meet even if they want to. At the time of election, the strength of lakhs of workers is seen and at other times not even 50 workers are seen. So the rest give more priority to ycp than their families. They keep them in their hearts and do a lot of good for them.

YCP this time fully depended on the cadres as well as the IPAC team. But as soon as the polling was over, ycp mercilessly removed 100 members of the IPAC team. The ranks of tdp are alleging that after knowing that they would lose, they took back their laptops and sent them away without even paying them the salary. It is not known how true this is, but the sources of tdp are alleging that ycp also deleted the social media accounts of the iPack team.

  Now it has become a topic of discussion whether the ycp left the social media management teams including the IPAC team after the polling. tdp may not be telling the truth. Because both of them are sworn enemies. tdp is not new to mudslinging politics on ycp, so the truth about this has to be known. jagan is now on a london tour. He is enjoying with his family. jagan will return to andhra pradesh before the election results. jagan announced that he will get 151 assembly seats and 22 parliament seats before the election date. What could be the reason behind his courage but jagan seems to be very happy as he has won and tdp seems to be afraid of losing.

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