Visakha mp seat is very valuable. Those who win as mp from here will feel great. There are 542 lok sabha seats in the country, out of which only a few are known. visakha MP seat is definitely there. As it is a mega city in AP, both ycp and tdp parties have also focused on this seat. ycp Botsa jhansi has been fielded with bc card and local slogan. 

On the other hand, tdp has fielded Shri Bharat, the grandson of former mp late leader MVVS Murthy, for the second time in a row. But looking at the recent polling pattern, it is clear who will be the winner. Like 2019, the debate is also going on whether there will be an unexpected result. Because the polling in the visakha MP seat was less this time too. There is also a hot discussion going on in the parties that this low polling will burn whose horn. Out of a total of more than 19 lakh voters, only thirteen lakh people voted. With that, visakha MP seat has broken the worst record as the least polling seat among Pathika mp seats in AP.

The camps of both the parties are trembling with the news that cross-voting has taken place in some assembly segments within the visakha MP seat. It is said that cross-voting took place in S Kota, while the rebel faction of the party voted for the tdp mp, the votes of the ycp rebel faction also went to tdp leader Mr. Bharat. It is said that the Gompa krishna faction, which was hoping for a tdp ticket, worked for Shri Bharat.

At the same time, there is a campaign that cross-voting was done in favor of the ycp mp candidate from TDP. In two other assembly segments, however, even where tdp was supposed to have won with a good majority, there are strong reports that there was some cross-voting in favor of YCP. It is known that ycp has ample chances of winning in two seats in Visakhapatnam. Hora Hori fight also went on in two other places. If we look at the whole, whether the tdp wins or the ycp wins, the majority can be less than ten thousand, a strong analysis is coming forward after the polling. We will definitely have to wait till june 4 to know who will win.

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